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Our Personal Photo-Ads are a fantastic way for you to meet or communicate with other people with similar CP interests.
This contact ads section is totally free, both in terms of placing your own wanted, offered or seeking announcements, as well as when replying to others who have already placed theirs.

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Ladies seek Master for caning lessons ...

What Can You Expect to Find Inside the Classifieds?

It's a fact!! - There is always someone somewhere who wants exactly what you have to offer!
Every day thousands of people from all around the globe are looking for someone to share their fetish.
Our free Personal-Ads address these needs by providing a discreet noticeboard on which to post your requirements to others in the same fetish circles. Whether you are looking for a spanking partner, male or female, who wishes to be spanked by you, or someone to spank your bottom, they will be listed here! Submissive females, dominant females, switches, sub men, couples, models, and even the services of professionals can easily be found inside. All the notices are categorised to make it quick and easy to find exactly what you need. A powerful search option is also available if you need it and will help you locate your spanking or fetish interests by keywords, towns, countries and more. In the rare event you do not find what you want, a Keyword Notify system will email you as soon as your required match is added to the boards. Obviously placing your own personal profile is the best way to get in touch with any of the thousands of suitable browsers. Our wanted and offered sections allow private users to sell, exchange or buy goods and other paraphernalia such as fetish DVDs, spanking videos, rattan canes, uniforms, used school knickers, desks and tons of other equipment and accessories!
The classifieds are updated in real time, so new personal profiles are constantly being added.

Totally Discreet Personal Ads:

Contact like-minded people with complete confidence and peace-of-mind!
Placing a personal profile, especially for the first time, often conjurers up questions about discretion. Nobody really wants their fetish needs broadcast all over the net - so what makes this site so discreet?
Firstly, all your personal details are held securely off-line, where no one can ever access them. This means that whatever you tell us that is not for public view in your advertisement, stays our secret.
Secondly, this system operates a confidential "Reply-Form" correspondence system, so your personal email address is always hidden and can never be seen by general surfers or Internet robots. Even the people who reply to your profile are not given your address, allowing you full control over who you wish to correspond with and who you don't! - We even provide you with an anonymous emailer so you can reply and say "No Thanks" to unsuitable respondents without giving them your private email address!!

Plus ... a little common sense on your part always helps:
When placing your profile, we suggest you use a pseudonym, rather than your real name. Also, if you are wishing to place your phone number, please use a mobile or cell phone, rather than your landline.
Most importantly, NEVER offer any personal contact details, phone numbers, emails or msn links in the actual text part of your advertisement. This is not only risky, but it is also against our policy. As we do not allow personal contact details to be offered in open view, we tend to delete such adverts immediately!

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International Multi-Network Spanking Contacts:

Dozens of websites around the world are linked to this huge Personal-Ads network!
Placing your personal message (or browsing for others) is the easiest, most discreet and fastest way of finding exactly what you want, be it personal relationships, one-off encounters, buyers or sale items.
This free Personal-Ads network is integrated into numerous approved websites all around the world, providing you with one of the largest and busiest personal services for those who love the spanking fetish. This guarantees that whomever or whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here - quickly!

These Personal Profiles are part of Network Ads and the Daily Spankings Groups.
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• All personal ads placed on this website are routinely monitored. Any advertisement that is in breach of law or human decency will be removed without notice. The administrators reserve the rights to log all traffic across this network for reasons of security and avoidance of abuse.
• This website NEVER encourages nor does it endorse spanking or caning as a corporal punishment for children! - The design of this site is strictly for consenting adult entertainment.

This website contains strong fetish material and by viewing it you confirm that you are over the age of consent and legally entitled to view such material from your country. The spanking personal-ads are placed by our viewers and the material can vary. The videos contain severe caning, paddling, tawsing, whipping, birching and hand-spankings to girls bare bottoms, as well as females spanking males. In many cases, the scenes depict role-playing such as naughty school girls, misbehaved teenagers, college students, co-eds, governess, girls boarding-schools, wife spanking, husband spanking, reform school punishments, etc, etc.
If you are not interested in personal fetish contact ads or videos containing hard spanking or other corporal punishments, then we respectfully request that you please leave now.